What is the Brand EU vision?

A peaceful, united and prosperous world advocating and protecting a democratic and pluralistic free society.

The Brand EU vision can best be expressed via our 4 core missions and values:

EU Citizenship and Identity

EU citizens are at the core of building Brand EU in the world

EU national = 500 million EU citizens. A dual citizenship is a valuable asset in a globalised world. EU citizens are at the core of our project to build a strong EU identity alongside their national identity. Any person who holds the nationality of an EU country is automatically also an EU citizen with vital rights and important benefits in the world.

Peace Through Cooperation

A united Europe for a united world

EU states share common values and universal ideals of freedom. We share power in an interconnected world to maintain security and achieve a shared vision. Working and trading with other nations for global peace. Cooperating to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Global Sustainability

Anticipating and preparing the world for the future

Not just economic, social and environmental sustainability but also the creation of a free and pluralistic society, where we are all global citizens and where human rights are at the top of the agenda.

Constant Innovation for Progress

Revolutionising obsolete thinking, models and policies

Innovation with purpose to generate real progress in the world and empower Europe’s most powerful asset: its people!

brandeu_adminBrand EU Vision and Values