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Europe’s Superhero has returned!

Europe’s Superhero has returned!

Europe’s Superhero has returned! Captain Euro® is back!

As part of our strategy we relaunched Europe’s Superhero in 2015 with a new website, comic strips, vignettes, posters and podcasts. Captain Euro® was introduced back in the 1990s to help launch the new Euro currency and solve Europe’s lack of clear identity. It created instant public impact and became a media sensation, appearing on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Times, BBC, The Sun, CNN and news channels around the world. With the Euro’s successful launch and reception, Captain Euro had done his job! AT LEAST, UNTIL NOW! He is now back with new exciting adventures and witty humor to help build the brand of Europe!

Now, Captain Euro has returned to solve the EU’s identity crisis and tackle global issues from an entirely different angle. He’s back, and this time, it’s personal! Times have changed, and so has he.

With Captain Euro’s relaunch comes an entirely new approach and audience. The new Captain Euro uses the power of satire, humour, and intrigue to raise awareness of Europe and of critical global challenges that affect us all.

Check his brand new website here:

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