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Brand EU Logos and Campaigns

Brand EU Logos and Campaigns

Independent and non political brand of the EU

BRAND EU® is an independent non-political and non-partisan BRAND programme about a United Europe.

The BRAND EU logo has been developed to be used in conjunction with other brands, across business, academia, campuses, the media, government and industry. Our core aim is to build a coalition of interests that helps build a strong brand of Europe at home and in the world.

500 Million Citizens

The European Union includes 28 countries and over 500 million EU citizens, more countries are in the process of joining.

Many of these citizens are willing to identify with the European Union but cannot find the right motivation or way to do it. BRAND EU™ has created an EU brand communications and marketing platform to help develop a strong EU identity. Using the BRAND EU logo shows support for a strong brand of Europe independent of politics and focused on its people.

The main messages of the Brand EU vision are:

A Peaceful, United and Prosperous World

Advocating for and protecting a democratic and pluralistic free society

The Brand EU vision can best be expressed via our 4 core missions and values:

Brand EU® Global Media Coverage

BRAND EU® and the CAPTAIN EURO® brands are receiving large amounts of coverage in the European and global media via television, newspapers, radio, live events and the internet.

Brand EU® Campaigns

BRAND EU develops brand campaigns to communicate key messages in a fun and approachable way.

Benefits of using the Brand EU® logo:

+ Brand EU® as the independent and non-political marketing brand of the EU.
+ Brand EU® acts as a seal of unity and belonging to the EU project.
+ Brand EU® label adds value to your project, business and your products; it increases reputation, indicates corporate social responsibility and connects with citizens.
+ Shows your support for a united Europe, peace, progress and global sustainability.
+ Consumer & people driven. Focused on bringing people together.
+ Global in nature. Works for your projects, products across the continent and the world.
+ Gaining recognition. Constant mass media coverage.

How you can use the Brand EU logo:

This section is aimed at people and organisations that want to work with and promote BRAND EU.

BRAND EU license, develop and control all intellectual property rights concerning the BRAND EU® logo and its related brand devices, communications, graphics, mascots, products and services. We offer licensing and partnership opportunities for the BRAND EU® logo and its campaigns to companies and organisations interested in using our label or in developing products or content using our brand.

BRAND EU® is a registered trademark and can be used under licence in corporate communications, advertising, websites, corporate & public events, clothing and many other product categories to promote a united Europe. The BRAND EU logo and programme have been created to represent a friendly and approachable image of the EU.

We create value for European citizens, European companies and organisations that want to promote EUROPEAN unity and a pan European image free from political associations. If you are working to position or promote BRAND EU, a European dimension or European goods or services in Europe or internationally, you can tap into BRAND EU’s good reputation through your use of BRAND EU and the other brand assets developed through the BRAND EU programme by:

  • Co-branding with the BRAND EU brand on your digital platforms and/or marketing collateral.
  • Applying BRAND EU (brand and assets using our brand guidelines) across specific international events, meetings and exhibitions.
  • Using our campaigns and developing a unique application of BRAND EU for a specific programme.

If your core business, activity, event or programme involves the presentation of EUROPE or European topics to a local or international audience we would like to hear from you!

Who can use Brand EU?

The BRAND EU programme and its logos and brands are administered according to the relevant licensing agreement for the programme. The use of the BRAND EU programme is open to corporate, organisations, NGOs, the media, academic institutions, student projects and unions, schools, etc.

To use the programme, interested organisations must:

  • Have reasons to use BRAND EU. Express corporate/organisational aims, values and objectives of project, consistent with the values of BRAND EU and its activities.
  • Be financially solid or backed by an institution.
  • Have a proven track-record in delivery of national or international campaigns, corporate activities, academic, research and school programmes.
  • Pose minimal reputation risk to the BRAND EU Programme.
  • Not be engaged in discriminatory activity or activity which is detrimental to public health and safety.

Type of License Agreements
Agreements with brand partners are formalised through a logo license agreement or MOU and our Brand Manual.

There are 4 types of agreements to use the BRAND EU brand assets:

  • IN KIND Contribution: partner and BRAND EU agree on goods and or services for the use of the BRAND EU Programme. (Media space, media barter, translation services, professional services, etc.).
  • FINANCIAL Contribution: partner and BRAND EU agree on a financial package for the use of the BRAND EU Programme.
  • MIXED Contribution: partner and BRAND EU agree on a mix of financial packages and goods and/or services for the use of the BRAND EU Programme.
  • ONE OFF FREE USE: Schools, Academia, Student Projects and NGO’s can use the BRAND EU programme for non-for-profit activities. Each permit is for one instance use only. The logo cannot be used for commercial purposes or promotion/advertising.

Send us an email to request use of the BRAND EU LOGO and associated graphics. Each request will be individually assessed for its merits.
You can send a detailed request to BRAND EU and include the below information:

  • Who is making the request? Name, full address, telephone and e-mail address. Organisation, company or individual.
  • Which content is needed? (texts, images or video).
  • How will the content be used? Private use (no broadcasting), school work, group activities, exhibition, production/broadcasting.
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