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European Film

European Film

Europe is the pioneer of the motion picture industry. The French Lumière Brothers established the Cinematograph, which initiated the silent film era. Their first film, Sortie de l’usine Lumière de Lyon, shot in 1894, is considered the first true motion picture. Notable European early film movements include German Expressionism (1920s), French Impressionist Cinema (1920s), Poetic realism (1930s), and Italian neorealism (1940s); it was a period now seen in retrospect as “The Other Hollywood”.

Europe and the Academy Awards – The Oscars

European actors and directors have won many Academy Awards. Since 1927 European actors have won Best Actor Award 27 times! Daniel Day-Lewis (Irish/British) with 3 awards (1989, 2007, 2013) leads with the most awards for a leading actor in the history of the Oscars.

Europe Leads in Foreign Language Films

Europe also leads in the Best Foreign Language Film Oscars categories with the most wins since 1947. The late Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini directed four Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award-winning motion pictures during his lifetime, more than any other director. If Special Awards are taken into account, then Fellini’s record is tied by his fellow countryman Vittorio De Sica. France received 39 nominations and won the award 12 times, the most nominations received by a country for Best Foreign Language Film.

Film Festivals & Awards

Europe is the continent with the most film festivals including the famous festivals of Cannes, Venice, London and Berlin. Europe is also home to the European Film Awards, The Baftas, The Goya’s and the David Di Donatello Awards.

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