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EU Transport Network

EU Transport Network

European Union (EU) transport policy aims to ensure the smooth, efficient, safe, and free movement of people and goods throughout the EU by means of integrated networks using all modes of transport (road, rail, water and air).

EU policy also deals with issues as wide-ranging as climate change, passenger rights, clean fuels, and cutting customs-related red tape at ports. THE EU’s transport strategy comprises 40 initiatives designed to generate growth, jobs, reduce dependence on imported oil, and cut the sector’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. Key agencies:

  • European Aviation Safety Agency
  • European Railway Agency
  • European Maritime Safety Agency
  • GALILEO – European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency (GNSS)

75 research and innovation projects under the Transport Challenge of Horizon 2020 will receive €484 million EU funding to turn European air, rail, road and waterborne transport into a greener, safer, more competitive and integrated system.

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