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EU Jobs Strategy

EU Jobs Strategy

High unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing most Member States and European society. Creating a vibrant and sustainable economy that creates and supports jobs is a central theme behind all EU policies.

It is critical to generate jobs in Europe, especially for the young. To achieve this goal we must put the European dimension to work. For this to happen we need better and more practical cooperation among member states via the EU. We need:

  • Political Stability of Europe and its Member States (Re-inforce democracy & governance).
  • Revolutionise & Modernise Economies, Sectors and Innovation (CLEAR VISION OF EUROPE’s ROLE IN THE WORLD).
  • Strengthen European Identity (Citizenship & Job Mobility).
  • Re-launch the single market and reduce RED TAPE.
  • Reform and introduce fair taxation & employment systems and laws that encourage and attract entrepreneurial and foreign investment.
  • Reform justice systems in the countries where they need rapid modernisation.
  • An educated & Skilled Workforce (Erasmus, Bologna, etc).
  • Promote One business language for Europe (English is already the facto European business language).

Europe 2020 Jobs Strategy
The three flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 strategy that fall under the areas of employment, social affairs and inclusion are:

  • Youth on the move: aims to improve young people’s chances of finding a job by helping students and trainees gain experience in other countries, and improving the quality and attractiveness of education and training in Europe;
  • An agenda for new skills and jobs: aims to give fresh momentum to labour market reforms to help people gain the right skills for future jobs, to create new jobs and overhaul EU employment legislation;
  • European platform against poverty and social exclusion: aims to bolster work at all levels to reach the agreed EU headline target of lifting at least 20 million people out of poverty and exclusion by 2020.
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