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European Cuisine

European Cuisine

The best tastes in the world!

Food is not only important from a health point of view but also from a cultural point of view. European cuisine is a term collectively referring to all the local cuisines in Europe and other western countries. Famous dishes of Europe have conquered the world including: Spanish Paella, Neapolitan Pizza, Spanish Tapas, Italian Lasagna, British Shepherd’s Pie, Greek Salad and French Crepes!

Here is a breakdown of the diversity of cuisines in Europe:

North European cuisine includes: Danish cuisine, Estonian cuisine, Finnish cuisine, Irish cuisine, Swedish cuisine, English cuisine, Scottish cuisine, Welsh cuisine and Anglo-Indian cuisine.

South European cuisine includes: Albanian cuisine, Croatian cuisine, Greek cuisine, Italian cuisine, Sicilian cuisine, Macedonian cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, Spanish cuisine, and Turkish cuisine.

Western European cuisine includes: Austrian, Belgian, French, German and Swiss cuisine.

Eastern European cuisine: Strongly influenced by climate and includes East German cuisine, Polish cuisine, Russian cuisine, Bulgarian cuisine, Slovak cuisine, Romanian cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine, and Hungarian cuisine.

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