Brand EU gives class lecture at University of Wyoming

Nicolas De Santis, Brand EU Founder and President of think tank Gold Mercury International, gave a class lecture for a course on European Integration at the University of Wyoming of the US.

The European Integration Course is run by Associate Prof. Stephanie Anderson, Dept. of Political Science and Associate Director — Center for Global Studies at the University of Wyoming. The course examines the European Union’s history, institutional structures, formal and informal aspects of politics in Europe, policy areas and explores the positive and negative effects of European integration.

BRAND EU collaborates with academic institutions as part of its core activities in Europe and abroad to promote European integration as a crucial subject of global governance.

“The European Union is now regarded as a world power and is going through dramatic changes, including the upcoming IN-OUT UK referendum on the EU. President Obama has just gone on record to say that he wants the UK to stay in the EU. The fact that a US President is openly lobbying for Europe to stay together is a clear message to European politicians about the US expectations for the future of our continent.”

said Nicolas De Santis, BRAND EU founder.

The Lecture took place in September.


-University of Wyoming:
-Associate Prof. Anderson page at the University of Wyoming:

brandeu_adminBrand EU gives class lecture at University of Wyoming

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