BRAND EU speaks at European Integration Event

Nicolas De Santis, founder of BRAND EU spoke at the ‘Building Blocks for European Integration’ event organized by Democracy International. The event focused on the European integration process, the issues and problems the EU is currently facing and how to gather ideas for future solutions. Mr De Santis explained the work of BRAND EU around European identity and Branding and the need to clarify the vision of a united Europe to bring citizens closer to the EU.


+ The full list of speakers included stakeholders from twelve organisations from all over Europe:

+ Nicolas De Santis – Brand EU

+ Dr. Robert Stüwe – ZEI Center for European Integration Studies

+ Rita Stadtfeld – ESK Europäisches Solidaritätskorps

+ Hugo Mann – European Movement UK

+ Balint Josa – UNITED for Intercultural Action

+ Maria Freitas – Foundation for European Progressive Studies

+ Elisa Gambardella – SOLIDAR

+ Ana Saphic – European Movement Montenegro

+ Adnan Cermagic – European Stability Initiative

+ Nini Tsiklauri – Pulse of Europe Austria

+ Erik Havenaar – Youth Center of European Integration

+ Utta Tuttlies – Together EU

+ David Naroushvili – GRASS Reformanda

Maria MateosBRAND EU speaks at European Integration Event

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