Conference on the Future of Europe Session

Nicolas De Santis, founder of BRAND EU spoke at the ‘Conference on the Future of Europe’ event organized by Democracy International to discuss and promote issues that should be added on the future conference’s agenda. Two main questions were asked about the conference. Q1.  What should the Conference on the Future of Europe look like? and Q2.  Which topics should be addressed within the Conference?

 The event was attended by stakeholders from different civil society organisations from all corners of Europe. Speakers at the event included:

Nicolas De Santis | Founder Brand EU
Balint Josa |  UNITED for Intercultural Action
Charlotte Billingham |  FEPS
Daniela Vancic |  Democracy International e.V.
Erik Havenaar |  Youth Center of European Integration
Laura Galante |  Co-coordinator of Citizens Take Over Europe Working Group
Maria Freitas |  FEPS
Michele Fiorillo |  Citizens Take Over Europe Working Group
Nini Tsiklauri |  Pulse of Europe Austria
Peter Rusz |  Head of Unit for Events, Publications and Website for the S&D Group
Rhys Nugent |  Model European Union

Maria MateosConference on the Future of Europe Session

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