Brand EU Founder to speak at Europe & Ukraine Event

Nicolas De Santis, Founder of BRAND EU, will speak at the EUROPE & UKRAINE event on the 21st September 2021. The event is organised by European Public Sphere and funded by Democracy International, the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The project “Europe” is far away from being completed. Daily, we question Europe, debate, and negotiate: Where does Europe even start, and where does it end? What does it mean to be European? And what do we want for the Future of Europe? Questions of identity are always highly sensitive and personal, but how we feel or not feel can lead to political consequences. Especially since Brexit, we hear that the European project lacks the support of its citizens over and over again. In this event, we will learn where this lack of European identity comes from and develop ideas for strengthening it. Nicolas De Santis will present the BRAND EU project and how it is advancing the narrative of European branding.

Maria MateosBrand EU Founder to speak at Europe & Ukraine Event

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