Nicolas De Santis speaks about English as the ‘unofficial’ language of Europe

Nicolas De Santis, President and Secretary General of Gold Mercury International, will deliver a keynote on the English language and its role in the European Union at the upcming EDUKWEST event on Multilingualism in Europe.

You can learn more about the EDUKWEST event here.

The multilingualism event took place on the 17th September 2014, at the Glasshouse Building – 2 Trematon Walk (Off Wharfdale Road) – Regent’s Quarter – N1 9SR London – United Kingdom.

BRAND EU have launched a publication outlining how English is already the de facto ‘unofficial’ language of Europe, and puts forth the position that we should embrace English as an unofficial language of Europe; as it has the power to unite us all in our diversity. This would not be at the detriment of existing European languages and would not serve to override them, but instead compliment them and give us a common European ground – especially when Europeans are already exceptionally multilingual and mobile. You can read the BRAND EU paper here.

brandeu_adminNicolas De Santis speaks about English as the ‘unofficial’ language of Europe

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