Building a Collective EU Brand Identity

This global policy briefing sets out to explore the brand identity of the EU, with a view to both assessing its potency and to suggest ways to develop it and strengthen its appeal to European citizens.

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It explores how political and brand identities are constructed, while identifying the key elements at the core of the EU identity as well as the main obstacles which prevent European Citizens from engaging with the EU.

 The lack of a shared language and nationally focused media are presented as the main obstacle to the development of a robust, Europe-wide public sphere, where European citizens can engage in aconstructive dialogue on EU policies and the future of the Union.

However, Europeans do share attachment to certain civic values, emphasizing democracy, equality, liberty, human rights and inclusiveness.

The European values constitute a cultural “export product” of a civilization, a brand identity of the EU in international affairs.

Globalisation brings to the fore the need for European solidarity and for a collective EU identity in order to secure competiveness and European influence in international politics, while promoting the European Values.

Lastly, this global policy briefing makes a series of recommendations such as the need to involve the citizens in a constructive debate on European affairs at the “home front,” where growing populist Eurosceptic ideology must be confronted.

Project Team:

Pall Rafnar Thorsteinsson – Research Fellow, Gold Mercury International

Nicolas De Santis – President of Gold Mercury International

Chon Kemp – Corporate Affairs, Gold Mercury International

Maria Mateos – Creative Studios, Gold Mercury International



37 pages

Reading time:

23 minutes

Maria MateosBuilding a Collective EU Brand Identity

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